Read our Top 5 CV Writing Tips!

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Being a recruitment agency we are inundated with with CV’s. It’s our bread and butter. Unlike a lot of agencies we still look at each one individually. A computer can’t determine what we’re really looking for. We know this, because at one point or another everyone in the office has had an applicant contact them and ask if their application has been received. In a blind panic more often than not it’s found in the computer says ‘no’ pile.

It’s especially infuriating when you realise the candidate has a strong application & the right type of experience!

Although we don’t use a computer to read our CV’s we still need to check each one. So, to make our lives easier and your chances of succeeding we’ve pulled together 5 top tips for the ideal CV.

  • KISS! – Keep it Simple Stupid. Make your CV 2 pages max using a clean layout with a simple font. Times New Roman or Arial sizes 10 – 12 are absolutely perfect. We need to see stuff clearly and quickly.
  • Break it down! – Set clearly defined areas. Like – Personal statement, Work Experience, Education etc. Use bullet points for brevity.
  • Positives! – Focus on the positives. Whether that’s things you have achieved in previous roles or things that you enjoy doing.
  • Relevant! – Make it relevant to the role your are applying for. Read the job description and try and match up the skills required to yours.
  • Fresh! – Make sure it’s up to date. Include all your latest courses and experiences. They all account!

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