5 minute chat with Joseph!

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So, the team at Sky social took 5 minutes to chat to Sky’s latest team member to join the ‘A team’. – Joseph. 

Sky: So, tell us what brought you into a recruitment?

Joseph: I had previously worked in recruitment but my last job was working within a government public service organisation. I basically really missed the cut and thrust of sales/ recruitment and the daily pressures / rewards that brings!

Sky: What do you like most about the job?

Joseph: I enjoy the sales side of it. I enjoy working with different people each day. I like helping to problem solve. But the best bit is really making a difference with both employers and candidates. 

Sky: What do you dislike about the role?

Joseph: Nothing really –  believe it or not! It can be challenge finding the right person for a role, we try our best to get the right fit. That’s it really… Oh and Kim doesn’t make enough brews! 😂

Sky: What do you like about working for Sky (No bribes we’re involved in this question!) 

Joseph: Although I’ve only been here a short while, it’s like a family environment. There is so much to do, it’s a busy place but we’re all pulling in the right direction and we help each other out. 

Sky: Ok, tell us 3 things about you that no one would know! 

Joseph: I once played basketball for England. (We can testify that he is tall enough!)
I can play the saxophone. (That’s cool!) 
I can play the drums! (Glad we’re not your neighbour! 😂)

Thanks for your 5 minutes today Joseph. We really appreciate it!

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