5 minute chat with Ellie!

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Welcome to part two in our 5 minute chat series, this time the team at Sky Social spoke with Ellie who works at the Sky Recruitment Liverpool office.

Sky: So tell us what brought you into recruitment?

Ellie: Well, Gillian (Head of Sky/Exceptional Care) is a relative. I started helping out and really enjoyed it. The opening was there and it progressed into becoming a recruitment consultant.

Sky: What do you like most about the Job?

Ellie: Definitely doing compliance, making sure a client’s file has everything it needs. It’s very satisfying checking the list off and seeing a complete file and a client who’s ready to work.

Sky: Is there anything you dislike regarding the job?

Ellie: Not really – I think one of the more harder things is chasing references for your clients and making sure everything is alright. It’s difficult but all part of the challenge.

Sky: What do you like about working for Sky Recruitment?

Ellie: Everyone bounces off each other really well. It’s such a great place to work and it feels like a small family unit. Another bonus is the office always smells nice! (Thanks Kim’s Wax candles! 😆)

Sky: Ok, tell us 3 things about you that someone else might not know?


I used to live in the Middle East. Qatar – I miss the sunshine! ☀️

I actually like gherkin on a Mcdonalds burger! 🤢

In my spare time, I like to ride a unicycle. You won’t miss me riding it down the Vale to work! 😆😆

Thank you for your 5 minutes today Ellie. We really appreciate it!

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