By ‘eck it’s hot! Here are some top tips to staying hydrated in the workplace!

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Feeling hot under the collar? Whether it’s deadlines or the stifling heat of summer, it’s always important to keep yourself hydrated at work. The office may have a nice cool breeze from the air conditioning or an open window, but a lack of fluids in your body can cause even the most ardent of workers’ productivity to fall.

Not staying hydrated can create a multitude of problems ranging from an uncomfortable dry throat, fatigue and headaches. These symptoms are sure fire ways to decrease not only your motivation as a worker but also your health.

Here are 6 tips to staying healthy and hydrated at work!

  1. Always keep a bottle of water close by. “Out of sight out of mind” is the phrase… So make sure to keep your drink in sight. You are more likely to reach for it if it’s in your immediate area
  2. Schedule quick health breaks. Use an app on your phone or on your computer (if you work at one), to remind you every hour to have a stretch and a drink. Staring at screens all day can cause headaches and eye strain. Take a moment to rest your eyes and hydrate before getting back to work. Little intervals can go a long way in a work day.
  3. Avoid fizzy drinks. These beverages may taste nice in the short term but they will dehydrate you, and only leave you wanting more. Swap your soda for a bottle of water or some juice.
  4. Eat foods with high water content. Little snacks such as watermelon, cucumber slices, apples and oranges. Not only helping to strengthen a healthy diet, these snacks can stop your stomach from rumbling and your mouth from going dry.
  5. Not so fantastic plastic? Going through bottled water everyday is bad for the environment. We can recycle these bottles but sometimes it’s better to invest in your own personal bottle. This way you can refill it as many times as you want without the hassle of buying a new plastic one every day, saving the environment and your money.
  6. Encourage your employer/employees to learn about staying hydrated. Whether that be little notes around the office reminding them of hydration breaks or setting up the water dispenser in a prominent area so people pay notice.

We hope these tips helped keep yourself healthy and hydrated at work. So DON’T forget to drink!

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