Finding the Right Staff?

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A piece of cake, right? – Well, it can be..

Choosing the right approach can make all the difference. It can save you time, money and more importantly help you get the right person for your growing business.

The first question you need to ask yourself is; Can I manage the recruitment process myself? – That is the million dollar question. In all my years of experience, this is normally only best achieved by larger companies or organisations that have good HR departments; Ones that have the time and resources devoted to doing it properly. But even then, they can struggle with immediate requests to fill workforce gaps. Turning on a six pence isn’t their forte!

The Elephant in the Room

Say it quickly and it doesn’t sound so bad… Recruitment Agency! Yes, a Recruitment Agency. (We’re not all bad guys by the way).

This is what we do, we wake up each morning with candidates on our mind, roles that need filling, how we’re going headhunt the best talent. In fact, we actually bleed CV’s!

The benefits to choosing a recruitment agency are well documented; They have the ability to provide staff quickly, with large database’s of experienced and skilled candidates. They can take care of the whole process, from advertising posts, shifting applications through to preliminary interview; That’s no mean feat – If you’ve ever tried it yourself!

“All good recruiters have an eye for talent, but exceptional recruiters have an eye for talent that will fit your business.”

Recruitment without Limits

So why choose Sky Recruitment? – Well, lets get the obvious out of the way first. If you’re looking for plumbers and HGV drivers. We’re not the place.

Sky Recruitment have over 25 years experience in the Social, Healthcare & Education sectors. These are our specialities. We have a huge amount of experience from providing consultants through to carers and anything in between!

So what makes us different? First and foremost; We care. We care about getting the job done right. We care about where we send people. We care that the person is fit and proper for that organisation. We care that we’ve done all we can to make sure they’re the right fit. We care that the working environment and conditions are as they should be. We care that our fees and their pay suits everyone involved.

“We genuinely take care in all the small things – the things that make us exceptional.”

Did Someone say Cake?

So, recruitment can be a piece of cake if you have a HR department that can support the process and can recruit the right people fast.

But if you haven’t and you still want to have your cake and eat it?

Then talk to the team at SKY.

Kim McCulloch.
Director of Recruitment.

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