How to make an Interview Successful!

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Let’s be straight with each other; Interviews can be a nervous affair. -Perhaps even a little intimidating because you’re not sure what to expect and you’re really keen on the role. But like all things in life with a little practice and prep, those initial nerves and trepidation can be overcome. It is after all; just a chat!

To start, you need to remember these four things; these are what we think are the basics to a successful interview.

  1. Be Social: You should demonstrate that you’d be a pleasure to work with.
  2. Be Professional: Think about the language you use.
  3. Be Human: You need to present yourself as genuine and trustworthy.
  4. Get the Details Right: From your outfit to your posture. Try and present you in the best possible light. Be confident, even if you’re not!

Now here are our top 10 Tips;

  1. Be prepared. Know about the company / organisation.
  2. Do arrive early. Theres nothing worse than being late!
  3. Quiz yourself in advance with practice questions. Why do you want this job etc / what are your best qualities
  4. Dress smartly.
  5. Do sit up straight and try and speak with confidence.
  6. Do make eye contact with everyone.
  7. Be yourself. You want to be authentic and genuine.
  8. Say why you want the job.
  9. Take your time with any answers.
  10. Do try to enjoy it!

You’ll find in most cases most employers and recruiters want the best from you, so relax – take a big breath and show the best of you! – Good luck x

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