Make your workplace more positive!

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Positivity in the workplace is integral to creating a healthy and productive environment. Employees with a brighter outlook on their work are likely to be happier and more engaged in their jobs, often resulting in lower stress levels, stronger team dynamics between coworkers and greater results across the board.

Regardless of where you fit in, anyone can help influence the atmosphere for the better in the workplace!

Here are a few we implement;

  1. Smile like you mean it. As silly as is it sounds! A smile can make the world of difference. It really does set the tone of any workplace, especially when you walk in. It puts people at ease, it’s welcoming. It’s infectious.
  2. Being optimistic. It’s a well-known fact that in many cases you can’t necessarily change your circumstances or situation, but you do have can control of your attitude. Try and look for the silver lining, even in failure there are lessons to be learnt. Find the positives, they are there!
  1. Encouraging others. A great way to boost positivity is to let your colleagues feel valued and supported. Passing positive and constructive comments on their work can make a huge difference.
  1. Get to know the people beside you. (Sounds obvious, we know!) Get to know your colleagues, find out what makes them tick. Showing more than a passing interest will develop your working relationships beyond the level of cooperation.
  1. The little things. Meeting sales targets / KPI’s or long-term goals can do wonders for team morale, but equally as important are the small milestones along the way. Take a minute and introduce some rewards for completing them. We like cakes and treats when we hit a target. (Joe gets to juggle! 😆)
  1. Acknowledging the flyers. Employee of the month or star of the week may be cliché… But, the benefits of rewarding people for going above and beyond in their work can inspire others to do the same. Again, this can be something little like getting a day off making brews!
  1. Listening and communication. Most people can communicate and articulate their opinions well. But the real skill in achieving office harmony and increasing positivity is listening. Be open to change and listen to feedback, understand the cause of problems, take on suggestion for the greater good.

These are just a few of the ways you can increase positivity in your workplace. Ranging from shifts in culture to just smiling more these can have a massive impact in our daily working and personal lives.

Any solutions not listed and have your own? Feel free to suggest and add in the comments what you do in order to spread positivity!

Team Sky x

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