Post Lockdown. What top 5 Jobs are Recession Proof?

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With life about to change considerably after the UK comes out of its Coronavirus lockdown we look to see what jobs & careers may weather the storm.

Although, there’s no such thing as a 100% recession-proof job. Recessions sometimes strike jobs in unexpected ways, depending on the cause of the recession and the local impact.

That said, some jobs remain far safer than others in an economic downturn.

We look at the top 5 recession proof roles. (Spoiler alert – most are health and social care!)

  1. Medical Professionals – With the coronavirus hopefully past its peak, the need for health professionals will remain. People get ill regardless and our healthcare system has to support it. The fact a second COVID wave could start later in the year will be fresh on the agenda of the Government. These roles will be less likely to feel the pressure of a recession.
  2. Senior Care Assistants – Just as people get ill, they age. Although, not all can age in place safely and comfortably, and even those who can often require at-home help. Others have no choice but to move into an assisted living facility. Regardless of their housing arrangement. These workers include nurses, orderlies, cleaners, cooks, and other support staff members. Their jobs remain relatively immune to the movement of the economy.
  3. Social Workers – Likewise, social workers see no shortage of demand when the economy tanks. Social workers ultimately help people cope with their problems. When families become stressed, child abuse rates can rise. Child behavioural problems increase, as do adult behavioural and emotional issues. Since most social workers operate in the public sector, which doesn’t see wild employment swings even during recessions, social workers prove doubly protected.
  4. Emergency Services – As public workers, they remain somewhat resistant from layoffs. But they also stay employed because no one wants a spike in crime or understaffed fire and ambulance crews.
  5. Civil Servants – This can include teachers as well. The cogs of modern day living and society have to keep turning. Public services have to be provided so for this reason we think civil servants will remain a fairly untouched and safe job when the recession takes hold.

Unfortunately there is no way of getting away from it. The country will be in recession post lockdown. The only thing we have to hope and pray is its short term and the economy bounces back.

What are your thoughts on our Top 5 ? Agree / Disagree. Do comment!

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