Self care in work matters. Read our tips to survive!

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Hasn’t it been a difficult year?! – Understatements aside; many health and social care professionals really have pushed themselves above and beyond with the pressures of the pandemic. Working in challenging environments, working understaffed or long stressful hours. It will of course eventually take its toll.

So with that in mind, we have written a few top tips to help you stay sane and keep productive in work. Self care really does matter in times of duress.

1. There is a infamous saying that an Army marches on its stomach. This is so true! If you want to be in a position to perform at your very best. What you put into the engine, makes so much of a difference. Eating well and regularly will make all the difference to how you manage the stresses of your shift. Getting the right nutrients and plenty of water are key.

2. You time / Me time. Taking a moment to yourself is critical. Working through breaks all the time or skipping meals is only going make you feel it even more. Set yourself a time when you can have a moments peace. Whether thats sat on bench to eat your lunch, going for a walk or a chat with a friend on the phone. Make that time!

3. Share the load. Most of us work in teams. Use them to your advantage. Try and in-still a working environment where you support each other. Perhaps you can cover for someone whilst they take a break, or even help them on an extra task. Once a few people start to go the extra mile in a team, it becomes infectious. You’ll all start helping each other more and the load will be shared.

4. Switch off at home. Easier said than done, but so important. Try and leave your work environment at work. Use your friends and family as your focus at home. If you need to talk about that day to get it get off your chest, set yourself a time frame to do it. Have a quick blast with an understanding family member or friend and then try and park it for the rest of the time you are at home. If its possible go for a walk or indulge in a hobby to help you relax.

We hope the above helps you to implement a self care strategy. It’s so important you look after yourself in the current working climate!

Stay safe – Team Sky x

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