Success Stories: Louise Support Worker.

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The team at Sky Social took 10 minutes to catch up with a candidate to find out how they had made a success of their most recent career role.

Sky: So Louise, what is your role?

Louise: I am a support care worker working with young adults in a private care home.

Sky: I understand this is a recent career change, what did you do beforehand?

Louise: I was childminder previously – up until last summer. Running my own small business at home. A few reasons prompted me to apply for the role. I fancied a change, I wanted to get out the house – I fancied a new challenge!

Sky: Where did you hear about the role?

Louise: I actually found the role on social media, a friend tagged me in. They knew I was looking for a change. So I applied to Sky Recruitment.

Sky: How did you find the process?

Louise: Great. I found the team at Sky really supportive of my application. Although, I hadn’t any previous experience in this type of role they recognised that many of my skills and attributes were transferable. I was also enthusiastic about the change.

Sky: So, what happened next?

Louise: I had a few interviews which I passed and Sky put me forward to do some training including a risk assessment course.

Sky: Was you put straight into a full-time role at that point?

Louise: No, I had to undertake a 12 week trial with the employer. But I kept my head down learnt as I went along and really enjoyed it. By the end I was offered a full time role with improved contract and wages. I was absolutely made up!

It was made so much easier because of the support & information I got from Sky throughout the 12 week trial. I wasn’t just left to fend for myself.

Sky: So tell us whats the best thing about your job?

Louise: Everyday is different, Literally! – You also get to learn so much about people. How and why they behave in such a way. There is so much to learn, I really enjoy that. I also enjoy that the hours give me a great work / home balance.

Sky: What’s the hardest thing about your role?

Louise: I want to try and fix everything, but I accept that’s not possible. We work with people that have incredibly complex needs and issues. We try and give them the support and tools to empower themselves.

Sky: Whats your proudest moment?

Louise: Getting recognition from my colleagues and peers for a job well done. That they recognise that I genuinely care.

Sky: Would you recommend the role & why?

Louise: Yes, absolutely. Although, not a mainstream job – it would really suit people with good life skills. People from all walks of life could bring something to the table.

Sky: So, whats your next step?

Louise: Definitely team leader next, although I have some training I need to complete in order to get there.

Sky: Louise, thank you so much for your time today. It’s been fascinating hearing about your role and what makes you tick!

Louise: Thank you for listening!

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