Tips for returning to work after furlough!

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For many in the UK, December the 3rd could well be the first day back in work for over a month.

No one could have predicted the far reaching consequences of the pandemic. Least of all the changes in the work environments; going from purpose built offices to makeshift ones on the dining room table!

And let’s be honest, who thought a Zoom was a camera feature before all this started! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

So, getting your head round going back to office is a a must. Here are a few of our tips to make the transition easier.

  1. Be in the know. If you’ve not received any updates or info from HR about the procedure for going back. Contact them ASAP. There could be staggered starts / finishes. Your working space may have moved. New preventable measures could have been put in place. Get the low down from those in the know.

  2. Be flexible. As above, lots may have changed. Tough decisions may have been made to allow the business to continue to operate. You maybe in a new team, your normal colleagues may have been moved elsewhere or left. Even small things like lunch and toilet breaks may be different. So, go in with an open mind, and be receptive to these changes despite any upheaval.

  3. Be Positive. Cliche we know – but it will make such difference to your mindset and those around you. Even for the management; none of this has been easy. A positive attitude to change and succeeding will make all the difference.

  4. Patience. Things may take a few weeks to get up to speed. You might find it hard to concentrate on the task in hand or get used to the new way of working. Bare with it; set yourself small achievable goals whilst you acclimatise. Little wins make all the difference!

  5. Expect the unexpected. Things are so dynamic at the moment, rules and processes could change at any moment. From lockdown measures to the business making wholesale changes to succeed. Nothing is off the table in this very crazy year. So try and be as laissez faire about it as possible and go with the flow!

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