Video Interview? Read our 8 top-tips to make it a success!

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1. Test your tech! – As silly as it sounds, some candidates agree to a Zoom interview / meeting and they’ve never actually downloaded it. A few days before, whatever platform has been stipulated (Zoom, Skype, MS Teams) get it setup and test call a few family members. Get used to it. Make sure the mic works! (Zoom classic mistake) Make sure you’ve updated all the software etc.

2. Power up! – Not in the Super Mario sense either. Make sure if you’re using a laptop or iPad its got enough battery for a good hour. Also, make sure your sat in a good wifi area of your house.

3. Get dressed for success! For those of us old enough to remember the Roxette classic song! Make sure your dressed smart and commensurate for an interview. Dress as if your physically attending one. We’ve seen people only dress from the waist up in smart attire. Honestly, that works unless something happens and you have to stand up. You can’t rule out the unexpected, so no one wants to see your Pyjama bottoms!

4. Set the stage! – Choose a location that’s free from the distractions of children, family, roommates or pets. Make sure the background is free from clutter and embarrassing items like laundry piles. Set up lighting that’s bright but not glaring, illuminating your face from the front. Natural light is best.

5. Be prepared early! – Get yourself sat down early, check everything. Make sure you’ve got your notes and questions.

6. Eyes & body language! – Just like a real interview. You need to maintain eye contact. So spend your time looking at the the camera, not the video footage of you! Also make sure your sat up straight but you also look comfortable and relaxed.

7. Timing! – When you speak on an interview and there are several participants, it’s easy to talk over each other. Try and time your responses so this doesn’t happen. Be clear and project your voice.

8. – Close properly! – As the interview comes to a close, make sure you have your questions ready and don’t forget to thank you the interviewers for their time and when you’ll likely hear from them next.

So thats it, thats our 8 top tips for making a success of your video interview! Best of luck – Team Sky x

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