Thinking of applying for a role?

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We sat down with Elle at Sky Recruitment and asked her for her top tips and advice about applying for one of the many roles Sky has to offer.

Just do it!

Literally, that is our first piece of advice. Make an enquiry with the team. Whether that’s via email or by giving the office a call. We love to hear from new candidates. We like to get an idea of the type of role they might be looking for and any relevant experience they may have.

Here are Elle’s top tips;

  • Be confident in contacting us.
  • Be prepared to get a solid CV put together in word format.
  • CV should be 2 pages maximum.
  • Focus on your positives – Downplay anything irrelevant.
  • List all your previous experience on the CV.
  • Highlight any personal achievements. (Whether you’ve done some volunteer work, climbed Everest or passed your driving test after 5 attempts – If it means a lot we’d like to know! )
  • Give a brief overview of any professional quals and courses.

There seems to an industry focus on the dark arts of producing the ‘perfect CV’. – That’s not the case at Sky Recruitment at all.

We don’t use computers to read CV’s. We read everyone manually! We don’t want to catch people out. We always look at the human element. Is this the right person for this role and organisation? – Do they have the right skills to succeed – would we be proud to place them there? – Do they have the potential to shine?”

As you can see there is a more down to earth approach at Sky, where the focus is on the person. We can in some cases help with training if a candidate just falls short but has the potential to succeed in a role.

We do our utmost to find the right people for the right roles. So, if you are considering applying for a role. Don’t hesitate – Just do it! – We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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